Leonora was the very first site in the Goldfields region for Shooting Stars, launching in 2018 thanks to the support of St Barbara and Northern Star. The program empowers participants at Leonora District High School in Years 3 to 10.

"It’s the little wins with the participants that that makes your job rewarding and reassures you that you are doing a great job. Those little wins are their successes and success does not occur without perseverance which is a great strength that I see with our participants. Next year it will be my fourth year working as the Program Coordinator. One of the greatest achievements for me being in this role, is that we have been on this journey together from the start, through the hardships, through the challenges we face every day and we still continue to uphold our values to one another, and to the program."
-Shelley Coleman, Leonora Program Coordinator
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    Leonora Lightning
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