Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is a simple and effective way for you to change the lives of Aboriginal girls in the Shooting Stars Program.

Employees make regular donations to Shooting Stars directly from their pre-tax salary, therefore receiving the tax benefit immediately rather than waiting until the end of the financial year.

It’s Easy!
Tax deductions are automatic, and donations are recorded by your employer on your payslips for your records. Your PAYG liability may be decreased but your gross income remains the same, so you don’t need to collate receipts at the end of the financial year.

It’s Effective!
Workplace Giving means you receive a tax benefit immediately rather than waiting until the end of financial year. Your regular donations mean that Shooting Stars has a stable and low-cost source of funding that enables us to sustain our vital work engaging Aboriginal girls with their education.

Individually you will make a difference and collectively you will make a huge impact.

Providing an opportunity for your employees to engage with Workplace Giving shows them that you care about what is happening in the community and are working to make a difference. This in turn contributes to a sense of pride and purpose. When employees are more engaged retention rates rise and your social credibility increases.

We recommend consulting with your staff before setting up a Workplace Giving system as this shows them that their opinions are valued.

You can partner with your employees by matching their contribution to make a real and ongoing difference to Aboriginal girls attaining their education.

Setting up a Workplace Giving program is simpler than you may think and can usually be managed through your existing payroll system.
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