Sparks and Pathways

Empowering Aboriginal girls and women to make informed choices about their future is at the core of Shooting Stars. With the support of Horizon Power, Shooting Stars was able to implement a Sparks and Pathways Program in 2021. 

This program aims to support participants on their education journey, helping them to identify and develop their spark and passions in years 8-10, and then in years 11-12 to prepare participants for their post-school journey by identifying and developing their post-school education and employment pathways.  

When people are really happy, energised, and passionate about their talents, interests, or hobbies, we say that they have a spark in their life. The spark is more than just interesting or fun for them. They are passionate about it. It gives them joy and energy. It is a really important part of their life that gives them real purpose, direction, or focus.