Position Statement

Glass Jar Australia Position Statement on the Voice to Parliament

Glass Jar Australia’s Management and Board of Directors would like to announce the organisation’s stance in complete support of a First Nations Voice to Parliament. We believe the inclusion and protection of a Voice in our Constitution is a necessary step towards creating a better, more informed and just future for this country.

“Glass Jar Australia wholeheartedly supports the First Nations Voice to Parliament. We as individuals, as an organisation, and as an entire nation are still learning. As each of us uses our voice and respectfully listens to the voices of others, we share, learn and move forward together. Instituting the Voice to Parliament is the first step in healing our country’s heart.

"We will never close the gap if the bridge is only built on one side of the river. Australia, will you support us to build the bridge on the other side”.
Glass Jar Australia Chairperson, Glenda Kickett.

As we drive our vision, empowered Aboriginal girls and women, we are deeply committed to respecting and listening to the voices of our participants, staff, families, communities, Traditional Owners and Elders. We are place-based, culturally responsive and community-driven. The information we collect and the decisions we make are grounded in Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing, so we can ensure our programs are relevant, helpful, and empowering.

Decisions and outcomes are informed by knowledge, and knowledge is shared when we use our voices and listen to the voices of others. A referendum will be held this year, and we urge everyone to empower themselves with information and knowledge before they vote. This vote is an opportunity for all Australians aged 18 and over, to influence change and determine a future they would like to see.

To learn more about the Voice to Parliament referendum, the constitution and the Uluru Statement from the Heart, you can do so by exploring the resources below:

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