Halls Creek

Halls Creek was the very first Shooting Stars site, hosting the pilot program in 2014 at Halls Creek District High School. The program officially commenced in 2015 and now empowers participants from years 5 to 12.

"It’s been incredible to see the positive impacts that the Shooting Stars program has for the Halls Creek girls. Our focus at Halls Creek is to create a safe and welcoming place at school for our girls. We want to support the girls to know the importance of education and setting goals for their future. We want to empower the girls to be strong within themselves. To find their place of belonging and to know they can reach for the stars and achieve their goals."
Julie Dupen, East Kimberley Regional Manager
  • Target #
  • Team Name
    Halls Creek Starlets
  • Custodians
    Jaru, Kija