Staff Profile: Tilly Kyanga

July 18, 2018

Name: Tilly Kyanga
Age: 18
Mob: Yamatji
From: Meekatharra
Role: Assistant Program Coordinator, Meekatharra
Which school are you based at? Meekatharra D.H.S

Give us a snap shot of what your day to day job consists of: My day to day consists of assisting the Program Coordinator deliver the Shooting Stars program in Meekatharra. My jobs range from setting and preparing netball training and skills development, assisting and developing health and wellbeing sessions and helping improve participants’ attendance. I also engage one on one time with the participants either before school in the Shooting Stars netball room, recess, lunch and a period in classrooms each day.

What do you love most about your job? What I love most about my job is that I’m helping Shooting Stars participants learn all about netball, attend school regularly and helping them with their school work. I also love that I get to meet new people and be exposed to new experiences within Shooting Stars.

How has working with Shooting Stars benefitted you? Shooting Stars has benefitted me through using my skill set and knowledge of the game of netball. Since the beginning of my employment I have already met and engaged with participants who I would have never have met outside of school or in the community. I feel Shooting Stars have continued to assist and help me to develop into a leader for my community.

What attracted you to the role? Having recently moved back to Meekatharra I saw the opportunity to help engage and assist Program Coordinator, Lynley. Helping during the Shooting Stars Mid-West Cup I was able to use my skill set of umpiring for the carnival. Through the carnival I really wanted to work with Shooting Stars on a community level. Seeing and watching the program grow over the last year motivated me to fill in for the position.

How do you envisage the programme evolving in the future? I envisage Shooting Stars program in all schools across Australia. I envisage our participants becoming leaders and role models in their own community and empowering others to value education and opportunities like the ones Shooting Stars provide.