Staff Profile: Siobhann Williams

February 4, 2019

Name: Siobhann Williams
Age: 21
From: Halls Creek
Role: Assistant Program Coordinator, Halls Creek
Which school are you based at? Halls Creek D.H.S

What do you love most about your job? The thing that I love most about my job is being that role model to these young Indigenous girls, showing them that anything is possible, that they have potential and talent that could drive them to their dream life and having the girls thanking me for supporting them and just being where then they need me the most.

How has working with Shooting Stars benefitted you? Shooting Stars benefitted me by me giving back to my community in a way I always have wanted to give back. I have already learnt so much more on how to give more affectionate support to these young ladies through their high school years. Growing up in Halls Creek and not having a program like Shooting Stars was very hard, we didn’t have the support we needed or even just to have that someone dedicate their times to us. So this is how I have always wanted to show the younger generation that there is a possible for everything and that the world is their oyster.

What attracted you to the role? That I believe that I have the skills to support these girls in every way possible and I was wanting to move back home and Shooting Stars is the perfect example of supporting these young Aboriginal girls through their school years and just the thought of myself putting a smile on these girls faces and making them feel very safe.

How do you envisage the programme evolving in the future? I can see Shooting Stars being nationally recognised something as big as Clontarf, to be a staff member of Shooting Stars I believe this program can and will go further across Australia.