Staff Profile: Shelley Coleman

February 4, 2019

Name: Shelley Coleman
Age: 41
Mob: Kokatha, Mirning people
From: Far West Coast of South Australia (Eucla (WA/SA border to Ceduna)
Role: Program Coordinator
Which school are you based at? Leonora District High School

Give us a snap shot of what your day to day job consists of: I’m new to the role and already enjoying it. My early morning starts this week have been meeting with the Principal and front office staff. Then attending to any admin duties (checking emails) and planning for the day which includes contacting relevant people to introduce myself, planning for Term 1 and scheduling wellbeing sessions. Talking to some teachers regarding time allocation with the Shooting Stars program. Following up on suggestions recommendations from previous staff program co-ordinator.

What do you love most about your job? I enjoy the idea of utilising your ability, your experience and knowledge to implement that into the program. I love that I will be involved with developing the girls skills in netball and working in partnership with the school. I love that there is a good structure with the program.

How has working with Shooting Stars benefitted you? This job has allowed me to work and live in Leonora closer to family members. It will give me more knowledge around the education system and working closely with the staff at the school.

What attracted you to the role? Working with young girls. To guide and empower young women to better themselves through their education, develop skills in netball and learn and community

How do you envisage the programme evolving in the future? Increase in Aboriginal staff and delivered in more sites throughout the regions in WA. More girls graduating high school and following on some of their goals.