Staff Profile: Leanne Bidwell

April 3, 2018

Name: Leanne Bidwell

Age: 41

Role: Shooting Stars Program Coordinator

What school are you based at? Mullewa District High School


Give us a snapshot of what your day to day job consists of: Planning and delivering fun activities for the group at recess and lunch times, helping the teachers and students in the classrooms, setting up our room to make it bright, positive and inviting, and getting to know all of the students in our school.


What do you love most about your job? Planning and doing the fun activities- seeing the smiles, hearing the laughs and watching the fun happen.


How has working with Shooting Stars benefited you? It has allowed me to continue working with students and to help them get the best out of their education that they can.


What attracted you to the role? As a teacher, I’ve worked with a lot of students with behaviour and attendance issues, and this role allows me to continue to help and work with these students using sport (I love sport!)


Why is Shooting Stars important to the community? This community relies heavily on its local football club, so Shooting Stars gives the girls in the town something to belong to and a chance to try different sports and maybe achieve in something they never knew they could have.


How do you envisage the program evolving in the future? Hopefully more and more centres across WA in small towns and bigger centres and therefore more opportunities for more girls.