Staff Profile: Fran Haintz

October 2, 2017

Name: Fran Haintz
Age: Still 48, just!
Role: Executive Officer
What school are you based at? I am responsible for the Shooting Stars program overall so all the schools are my sites. I live in Port Hedland but spend a lot of my time working in Perth and visiting the sites across WA.

Give us a snap shot of what your day to day job consists of: My day usually consists of a diverse range of activities. I do a lot of telephone meetings as I am not usually in the same place and the people I need to meet with. I spend a lot of time supporting the Community Development Coordinators with their work in managing the sites, whilst our Government Relations and Philanthropy Manager keeps me on my toes reading all the applications for funding and support. I also speak with the various departments at Netball WA who provide Shooting Stars support across finance, media and communications, design and in the commercial space too.

What do you love most about your job? The Shooting Stars staff are an unbelievably diligent and dedicated team who demonstrate their passion for their work by their actions. I enjoy the diversity of the team and the way that we work together to tackle the challenges that regularly come upon us.

How has working with Shooting Stars benefitted you? Shooting Stars has benefitted me as it allows me to work with my passions, education, Indigenous advancement toward equality and netball!

What attracted you to the role? Prior to working for Glass Jar Australia, I was on the Board of Netball WA and was aware of the development of the Youth Engagement Program and the eventual success in receiving the IAS funding. When I saw the job advertised for the Executive Officer I thought what am I doing this is the job for me where I could use my experiences and combine my passions to achieve great outcomes.

Why is the Shooting Stars organisation important to the community? Shooting Stars is so important to all the communities in which we work. I have the privilege of visiting all our sites on a regular basis and meeting with our participants and the key stakeholders in community. Without fail the feedback I receive about Shooting Stars is positive. People in the communities in which we work value the focus on the young girls and woman and support whole heartedly out approach in assisting them to become strong and independent women.

How do you envisage the programme evolving in the future? Shooting Stars has taken a steady as you go approach in evolving the program. In our first years, we have focused on embedding the program and ensuring we are doing what we said we would do and achieving the desired outcomes. We are confident we have achieved this and now we are responding to a community led demand for us to expand. We have had requests for Shooting Stars to establish in seven more sites into the short-term future. I am really comfortable working in a program that grows as community wants us to grow, whilst keeping focus on our core values.