Staff Profile: Amanda Simpson

April 5, 2019

Name: Amanda Simpson
Age: 37
Mob: Wajarri and Badimaya
From: Yalgoo
Role: Program Coordinator

Which school are you based at? Mullewa

Give us a snap shot of what your day to day job consists of:I live in Geraldton so I am up at 6am then getting kids ready for school, drive over to Mullewa, I open the Shooting Stars room for both recess and lunch, when the girls come in we do a range of activities, my day can vary from outside with the girls to just relaxing and doing indoor activities, getting to know the girls better and building trust is my initial goal.

What do you love most about your job? I love that I get to incorporate netball or sports into my day to day job. Hanging out with the girls and also just getting to do the one job that I love, I have always liked Admin work and Netball so now I get to do both.

How has working with Shooting Stars benefitted you? I have found that I can give back to others what I have learnt over the years, working with Shooting Stars is something I have wanted to do for a few years, and being based in Mullewa I am able to help and work along side a lot of the kids that are my close family.

What attracted you to the role? The location working with the kids in Mullewa most of which are family,  but also I have always found Shooting Stars to be an amazing program working with school and the young ladies, basically we can help steer them into the right direction and path, but listening to what the girls want and passing down life skills that I have picked up along the way.

How do you envisage the programme evolving in the future? With the program getting a lot bigger and stronger also creating leaders for our future, because it’s a rewards based program I think its great because it shows that if we want something that it wont just be given to us we have to work hard and attend school which is extremely important.