Shooting Stars ignites the spark in its participants

March 30, 2021

Shooting Stars continues to support its participants on their education journey through its new position of Spark Coordinator, which works to help participants identify and develop their sparks and passions.   

Former Carnarvon Program Assistant, Tiare Lesa, has stepped into this role and is eager to assist participants in ‘sparking up’. 

“There are no words to describe how grateful I am to step into this new position,” said Lesa.  

“I’ve been with Shooting Stars for the last four years and have seen the impact the Program has had on the girls, so I am really excited to help assist our participants in identifying their hobbies, talents and passions and aligning those passions with career prospects.” 

Working closely with the Pathways Coordinator, this role engages Shooting Stars participants in years eight to ten across the state to build relationships with people who can assist them with developing and learning more about their spark and passion and potential employment opportunities. 

Shooting Stars Executive Officer, Fran Haintz, said this role will help to empower our participants on their post-school journey.  

“By helping our girls to identify what their passions are and get them thinking about careers within that space early on, it gives them a goal to work towards and increases motivation,” said Haintz. 

“Connecting participants with people and helping them grow their networks gives them access to opportunity, development and resources, highlighting that their career goal is achievable with the right support.” 

Shooting Stars is committed to empowering Aboriginal girls and women in regional and remote communities to make informed choices about their education and employment journey, helping them strive for the stars. 

Shooting Stars Spark Coordinator, Tiare Lesa.