Shooting Stars equips participants for post-school journey

January 13, 2021

Shooting Stars’ senior participants will be prepared for their post-school journey thanks to Shooting Stars’ new recruit, Talicia Jetta as the Pathways Coordinator. 

This role, made possible through the support of Horizon Power, will see Noongar woman from the Ballardong tribe, Talicia, work with the Year 11 and 12 Shooting Stars’ participants to identify and develop their post-school education and employment pathways.   

Shooting Stars recruited Talicia for this opportunity as it aligned with her previous experience in Aboriginal health and the education sectors. 

“I’ve been in the education space for the last two years, working with young Aboriginal people through the ‘Follow the Dream’ program which is part of the Graham Farmer Foundation, with my role being primarily in the mental health space,” said Jetta. 

“With Shooting Stars I’ll be working with the senior school participants to support them in achieving what they want to do once they finish school, whether that be entering employment and/or tertiary education institutions.” 

It was Shooting Stars’ commitment to empowering young Aboriginal girls and women that sold Jetta on the role.  

“It’s what the program is all about that attracted me to this role and the tailored-approach of the program for each site ensuring it best combats the challenges specific to that community,” said Jetta. 

“Also, the locations! I’ve done a bit of travel in previous roles but haven’t had the opportunity to work with the communities that Shooting Stars does. I’m really looking forward to getting out and working with new mobs that I haven’t been able to yet.” 

Shooting Stars Executive Officer Fran Haintz said both Talicia and this role are a wonderful addition to the Shooting Stars program. 

“The program goes beyond supporting our participants just in their schooling years,” said Haintz. 

“Thanks to the support of Horizon Power, through this role our participants will get one-on-one guidance to ensure they are confident in their plans after school and give them the tools for success.” 

“Talicia is a great fit for our team and I’m excited to see the impact her presence has on the program.” 

Shooting Stars Executive Officer Fran Haintz and Pathways Coordinator Talicia Jetta