Shooting Stars empowers staff through connection to country opportunities

April 19, 2021

Shooting Stars’ regional staff reset last week ahead of Term Two with a self-care session out on country.  

Connection to culture and country plays a vital role in the Shooting Stars program both for its participants and its staff. A strong connection to country has strong correlations to positive health, wellbeing and life outcomes for Aboriginal people.  

Our staff are at the core of our Program’s success and as an organisation we place great emphasis on staff well-being.  

Shooting Stars Executive Officer Fran Haintz said it’s very important for our staff to have the opportunity to connect with country. 

“At the end of every Term, our regional staff get together for an intensive week of training, including a self-care session focused on culture and identity,” said Haintz. 

“Opportunities like these are not only important for our staff to rejuvenate but it also allows our staff to pass on the importance of knowledge of culture and country to their participants.” 

Shooting Stars programs across the state commenced for Term Two today with our site staff feeling refreshed and ready to take on the Term.