Shooting Stars continues to empower Aboriginal women

March 17, 2021

Shooting Stars continues to empower Aboriginal women by prioritising professional development opportunities for its staff thanks to the support of the Australian Institute of Management, Western Australia (AIM WA).  

Shooting Stars were awarded an AIM WA Community Training Grant at last night’s presentation which will help staff develop their organisational leadership and management skills.   

Shooting Stars Executive Officer, Fran Haintz said the organisation’s staff are at the core of the Program’s success.  

“Our regional staff have limited opportunities to engage in on-site training, so being able to provide them with an opportunity to attend professional development courses in Perth are invaluable to their career pathways,” said Haintz. 

“Shooting Stars highlights the crucial role of women and girls in building stronger economies, families and communities and staff training opportunities such as these ensure our staff are equipped with the tools needed to best empower the young Aboriginal girls in our program.” 

“We are honoured to be considered for these grants for another year.”