Shooting Stars celebrates International Women’s Day

March 15, 2021

Shooting Stars proudly celebrated International Women’s Day last week across the State, encouraging its participants and supporters to choose to challenge gender bias and inequality, and celebrate women’s achievements.  

Empowering Aboriginal girls and women is the cornerstone of the Shooting Stars program making International Women’s Day the perfect opportunity to reflect and recognise the achievements of both our participants and staff.  

Each site hosted a lunch where participants invited female leaders in their networks including mums, aunties, grandmothers and community members to celebrate positive female role models from their respective communities.   

The organisations Perth and Narrogin based staff also had the opportunity to hear the inspirational stories of amazing, strong and resilient Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women at the ‘2021 International Women’s Day Celebrating Aboriginal Women’s Voices’ event.  

Shooting Stars Executive Officer, Fran Haintz, said International Women’s Day is always a celebration the Organisation looks forward to.  

“As Dr Rose Whitau says, there’s nothing more powerful than an educated woman with love in her heart and that is what we are working towards at Shooting Stars,” said Haintz. 

“Participation in the program enables the girls to experience success to improve their self-image, develop hope and aspirations about their future, and provide motivation to attend school to achieve those aspirations.” 

“Ultimately, we want to empower the local communities within which our programs exist to lead social change.”