Our Success

Since 2015 the data indicates an average attendance rate over 80% per student, with over 60% of the participants maintaining or improving their attendance across a full school year. In conjunction with an increase in attendance, individual improvement in academic engagement and class behaviour can also be observed qualitatively. These numbers reflect real change in these students’ attitude towards their school and education.

The importance of the link between education and employment is certainly not new. It is, however, even more significant within Indigenous communities.

Without completing Year 10, the likelihood of Aboriginal Australians gaining full-time employment is only 18%. For those that complete Year 10, that likelihood increases to 51%. Those who graduate Year 12 are 63% more likely to gain employment.

Education is critical to employment and attendance at school is critical to receiving an education. Shooting Stars empowers both individuals and communities to take control of their education and realise their potential.

The program is proud to be staffed with 75% of employees being Indigenous. As a normal course of business we target Indigenous women to work in the Shooting Stars program. When the right person cannot be identified at a site, local Indigenous women are offered traineeships to ensure growth of local staff. This to date has been extremely successful in Derby with the trainee who has completed her certificate and is now a full-time employee of the program.

Shooting Stars