Meekatharra & Wiluna Sleepover

March 16, 2017

On Thursday, March 9 the Meekatharra Years 5, 6 & 7 Shooting Stars packed their bags and the bus and travelled to Wiluna for their first Shooting Stars rewards camp. The girls who handed their permission slips back first jumped into the car with Rose and the rest travelled on the bus with Mr Robbie, Jess, and myself, Chiari. We had lunch in the Shooting Stars room as a group before we left for Wiluna. It took us 2 hours to arrive in Wiluna from there we had Sandra, a Wiluna Elder welcome us to her country and we supplied afternoon tea for our Wiluna Shooting Star sisters. Jess and I ran some ice breakers and mini games so that the Meeka and Wiluna girls could get to know each other. We had a lot of fun during the mini games. From there we all jumped on the bus and headed off to the pools for an afternoon swim. After the girls had their fun at pool we went back to Wiluna School as that was where we were staying the night and set up camp in the classroom. The girls then made homemade pizzas in the cooking room which were DELICIOUS! After dinner we headed back to the classroom and had a lot of fun painting each other’s nails and playing Twister. As the night went on all the girls hopped into their beds and made themselves comfortable and were ready to watch a movie. We watched Trolls and Alice in Wonderland. We all fell asleep during Alice in Wonderland.

We had an early start next morning as the girls all woke up at 6am and got themselves ready for the day. It was a very special day for one of our Meeka Shooting Stars girls, it was Glenita’s 10th Birthday.  We all wished her “Happy Birthday” during breakfast where Rose and all the Shooting Stars girls were making pancakes. We then packed up the room and bus and followed the Wiluna RCS out to the Clay Pans where some community members had prepared morning tea and lunch for us. We had a fire going with fresh roo tails cooking, as the elders and community were preparing the meals all the kids decided to go for a swim in the Clay Pans, including Rose! Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a really good time. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay all day and had to leave early to travel back to Meekatharra. Mr T (Wiluna Principal) escorted us out of the Clay Pans and gave us a brief history lesson on the old Wiluna Mission site. While the Shooting Stars were exploring the old site, Jess and I surprised Glenita with a cake for her birthday, we all sang happy birthday to her with candles. We hopped back onto the bus and travelled back into Wiluna and it was there we all stopped and looked at the statues of the last nomads in Wiluna. Mr Robbie gave us all a brief description and history about the Nomads and told us an interesting story about the Nomads and their children. The Nomads were the last two Indigenous people who were living the traditional way, their names were, Warri (1909-1979) and Yatungka (1917-1979) and when they passed away in 1979 they were the last two Indigenous people living the traditional way that went back over 40 000 years before European contact.

We all jumped onto the bus and in the car and travelled 2 hours back to Wiluna were all the girls wanted to listen to was Alan Jackson. Listening to country music all the way there and back. We arrived back in Meeka just after 3 in the afternoon. We all unpacked the bus and dropped the girls off back at school so they were ready to go back home to their families. The girls enjoyed their time in Wiluna and learnt a quite a lot about Wiluna and the town’s history.

Rose, Jess and myself would like to thank the Meekatharra DHS and Wiluna RCS for helping us organise the camp and Wiluna for letting us stay at the school and use your facilities and welcoming us into your town and school with open arms and for also teaching us about your town’s history. A huge thank you to Mr Robbie for being our bus driver, camp dad and historian and also for making sure we all arrived safely to Wiluna and Meekatharra. We could not have done it without you!

Thank you to the Meeka & Wiluna Shooting Star girls for being on their best behaviour and making the rewards camp very memorable. I had a really great time and am looking forward to our next Shooting Star camp!

Chiari Djiagween

Shooting Stars Trainee