Fowler and Friday visit Narrogin Shooting Stars site

August 16, 2019

West Coast Fever shooters, Jhaniele Fowler and Beryl Friday have visited the Shooting Stars site at Narrogin Senior High School on Thursday.

As a joint initiative of Glass Jar Australia and Netball WA, the Narrogin Shooting Stars site commenced in 2018.

The program at Narrogin works with 35 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls in Years 7-10 engaging them in their education by using netball as one of the vehicles to promote health, wellbeing and school attendance.

Fowler and Friday spent their time helping the participants learn valuable skills and build their confidence, both in the classroom and out on the court.

Shooting Stars Executive Officer Fran Haintz stressed the importance of having strong female role models for young girls to look up to.

“Giving the girls the opportunity to be involved with female leaders in their industry exposes them to a variety of career opportunities and really encourages them to set life goals and strive to be the best versions of themselves,” said Haintz.

“We’re extremely lucky to have Jhaniele as a Shooting Stars Ambassador and a proud Indigenous woman like Beryl in the Fever environment, and for them to spend their day with our participants was something they will treasure for a long time.”


Shooting Stars is an educational program that uses netball and other tools as vehicles to achieve its primary vision of increasing school attendance rates for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) girls living in WA’s remote communities and regional towns to 80-90%.

The program now engages more than 350 students across seven delivery sites, with 25% of participants improving attendance term on term, while 50% of participants maintain an average attendance rate of 80% or above. Furthermore, the Program is a key driver in creating equality for female leaders and generational change, with 85% of its staff and 66% of its Board identifying as Indigenous.

Shooting Stars enjoys the backing of the governing body for netball in Netball WA, and with that support comes nearly 100 years of professional expertise in community programs and development. To find out more about the program, including information about making philanthropic donations and corporate partnerships, visit